Responsible Tourism on the island of La Maddalena


Recycling And Waste Management

Respondible TourismA stay on the island of LA MADDALENA is an unforgettable experience. Here the nature has done extraordinary things. Every one of us can be proud to a play an active role in making sure that the next future generations will enjoy this paradise.
The problem of recycling is one of the main critical issues related to urban districts located in protected areas such as our National Park.

Few rules can make the difference, so please carefully observe the following:

  1. Upon arrival you have been explained how to handle the recycling. It might be probably different from the way you do it at home, but here they follow these criteria and these must be applied.

  2. When you are going to the beach please do not leave waste around, especially plastic since it is not readily biodegradable and, transported by wind, could end up in the sea and kill the dolphins that inhabit our seas. It might seem strange that there are no collection points: the local government authorities are trying to organize a municipal separate collection but it is not operating yet. At the moment we kindly ask you to take your waste in your apartment and dispose of it according to the rules you have been given.

  3. At Borgo Punta Villa we provide a communal place for the waste collection that is locked. For the organic waste (the humid waste) you can you use the brown bin you find outside the protected area. If you need to dispose of other kinds of waste (plastic, paper,..) in the space near the office, our staff will provide the disposal or will give you the keys to let you take the garbage in the collection area.

  4. It is important that you do this, especially the day of your departure: this is the only way to ensure that the ones who will come after you will find the situation that you have found. Unfortunately some people break these rules and that is why we find sometimes garbage bags abandoned in the streets and on the beaches, but if we all strive to play our part, these individuals will gradually remain isolated and they will not dare to behave in this way anymore.

  5. Please do not leave under any circumstances garbage in front of the gate of the protected area, you may even face a penalty for unlawful abandonment on public land (art. 192 del D. Lgs. 152/2006) as well as cause problems of public hygiene.


We wish to thank you for your commitment that this island will pack back with its beauty.

Have a nice holiday!